Pure Breed Chickens

BRAHMA - R280.00


SIZE: One of the largest breeds of chicken.
CHARACTERISTICS: Usually very sweet, docile birds.  They are exceptionally large birds so need a house with plenty of headroom.
APPEARANCE: Very tall, broad birds with feathered legs. We have them available in a range of colours.
EGGS: Average layers of pale brown eggs. 

MARANS - R205.00


SIZE: Large
CHARACTERISTICS: Usually calm birds,  they can be a little aloof but some become very friendly.  Prized for  their dark brown eggs. 
APPEARANCE: We have them in various colours  including traditional Cuckoo, Copper Black and French Wheaten.  Some  colours have light leg feathering.
EGGS: Dark brown. 



SIZE: Medium
CHARACTERISTICS: Intelligent,  active birds prized for their blue eggs.  They can be quite flighty.  Chicks can be sexed at day old.
APPEARANCE: Very attractive hens with head crests. Cockerels should have very little colour on them & be shades of grey.
EGGS: Reasonable layers of blue eggs. 



SIZE: Small
CHARACTERISTICS  Usually sweet, friendly birds that make great pets. They make good  broodies & mothers. They tend not to do much damage to gardens due  to their size & feathered legs. Poor fliers so don't require high  fencing.
APPEARANCE: Ball shaped little birds with feathered legs.  Come in a huge range of colours, we often have: Millefleur, Cuckoo,  Blue, Columbian, Porcelain, Mottled, Black, White, Buff and others.
EGGS: Average layers of smaller sized eggs. 

Sexed female Chicks


Before buying chicks you will need to have set up and ready:
Heat  source for the first 6-8 weeks - Ideally an electric hen which provides  a natural type of rearing heat for the chicks as well as being very low  wattage and safe to use inside.  Heat lamps with a minimum 150 watt  infra red bulb can also be used, ideally we do not advise a white light  which is stressful for the growing chicks and they don't get used to the  darkness.
Chick feeder and drinker 

  Sexed female Chicks.  1 days old - 9.50 



SIZE: Large
CHARACTERISTICS: Usually calm, docile birds that make great pets. They make good broodies & mothers.
APPEARANCE: Very big birds with loose, soft feathering. We only breed them in Buff colour.
EGGS: Average layers of medium sized eggs.